Inspired by a video on youtube, I put some river water in a jar with a bit of plant, and sealed it. I watched closely and filmed some of the organisms.

It's been interesting seeing which organisms were present, and which develop as the conditions inside the jar changed. I felt bad in the sunny mornings when I'd forgotten to shade the jar from bright sunlight, critters must have become warm!

I stopped filming after about a week and the video was uploaded - otherwise the project would take too much time and might be ongoing forever. The water also turned murkier so harder to film. But I'll keep it going and see what evolves. Some pictures:

Little organism Water drops Medusa Vorticella Water drop and plantlife Worm climbs up plant Hydra eating crustacean

This hydra is eating a crustacean

Vorticella on leaf Medusa Pondlife scene Hydra Back to blog
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