For the last couple of years, I haven't had much time to spend doing street photography. Working full time in a different city to the one in which I live, I have instead mainly been taking photos taken during my commute.

  • Cyclist
  • Steam from a chimney
  • The floor of a street
  • Abstract view from the window of the train
  • Cone and fence
  • A foot in a block of shadow
  • Reflection of sign
  • Flower in Train Tracks
  • Birds and a street light
  • A man with crutches
  • Metal and leaves
  • A domed building
  • Shadows of people sat on a bench
  • A family with a large cuddly toy
  • Reflection of lights and trees
  • A child with backpack
  • Station wall with devices in
  • A pair of legs in boots
  • Arrow and moon
  • Rainbow as seen from the train window
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