Welcome to Barnsley

Ongoing project. For the last couple of years I have worked in Barnsley, a town in the North of England. These photos were taken during my lunch break or walking to/from the station - they sum up aspects of the town to me. A mixture of surveillance warnings, interesting characters, tradition and vandalism.

  • Welcome to Barnsley
  • A boy does a wheeley on a bike
  • A cctv camera on a brutalist building
  • A public telephone with cigarette burns
  • A woman looks through the window of a pawn shop
  • A market stall
  • Boy eats fast food
  • A butcher working in the market
  • A sign offering pork dripping
  • Signs saying Look
  • Signs warning people to not pick flowers
  • Bent sign and flowers
  • Closed shutters
  • A burnt bin
  • Gingerbread man offering
  • A soft toy on front of a van
  • Sign offering pie
  • Steps and graffiti
  • Boy waiting by the market
  • Sign warning against dropping litter
  • Glasses on top of a pile of grit
  • A sign bent to the floor
  • Paint running down a wall
  • Man stands on bench
  • Vandalism warning
  • Street scene
  • Job centre advertising vacancies at mcdonalds
  • Man selling vacuums at market
  • Man browsing records stall at market
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